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We at Ottawananny.com look forward to providing you and your family with the excellent personalized service that we know you deserve. We are dedicated to helping families find the support, discretion and peace of mind that a professional household staff can supply. We provides your family with professional live in nanny or live in housekeeper. We have a large selection of overseas professionals who have been carefully screened to ensure compatibility with your needs. Dealing with first tooth loss or sensitive gums? Do not hesitate and call us or a reliable MapleridgeDentistry.ca dental emergency clinic that will help young parents survive such problems and offer their kids professional services.
Our caregivers are highly qualified individuals, including professionals in the fields of education, medicine, and health care who would like to work in Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program.

We work to the very highest of standards and expect our Nannies to be well qualified or have at least 3 years recent and relevant work experience. Our nannies use assistance which is provided by Eqvirtual.com by Calgary family physicians whose services you will require if your child has problems with health.

We firmly believe in a personalized, efficient, but friendly service, and in building strong and long-lasting working relationships with both our clients and our applicants, whether they are in the Canada or Overseas.

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Ottawananny.com are committed to helping parents select and employ the right childcare in the most efficient way possible.

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We offer you the following:

Full screening process on all candidates.

The best possible candidates suited to your job requirements.

Personal, professional and friendly advice at all times.

Respect of confidentiality at all times.

Guidance on interview techniques and employment contracts.

We are using various resources with the information about kids care, where we can find interesting tips that will help you to raise a healthy and happy child.

Also we are helping the parents to select the proper medical institution for kids health care and for difficult cases we provide the list of medical financing companies like Simplepay.com, who are able to help the family to get the proper health care in time.

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