Nannies in Ottawa
Most have completed university and have at least a year's experience providing home care for families overseas.
Our nannies are primarily of Philippines origin and are mostly recruited from Hong Kong, where they have experience in often demanding positions, due to the small size of the dwellings there. A placement with a Ottawa family is seen as an opportunity for career advancement, and we are able to select from a large pool of applicants. Our overseas staff personally interviews the applicants. References are required and thoroughly checked.
The graduates with a certificate from - medical courses in Toronto and another Canadian colleges are welcome for summer internship and further work with us! Contact our managers for all the details about the application process.
The child's health is the top priority for every mother. A professional nanny can not only stay with your chind at home or walk with him in the yard. You should inform your nanny about your child's health condition and she will as well take him to visit doctors if it is necessary. Anyway, regular visiting a family dentist Markham should be a routine for your child.


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